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About ALLFLEET® Heavy Duty Oil

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Full Synthetic
DuraMAX Full Synthetic Product Lineup

Full Synthetic

Ultimate Engine Protection to Maximize Performance and Power

    ALLFLEET Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oils are the premium choice for preventative maintenance in vehicles that operate under severe driving and temperature conditions. The oils are formulated to provide enhanced fuel economy and friction protection, thermal and shear stability, oxidation resistance, high-VI and excellent low temperature fluidity.

    • With ALLFLEET Full Synthetic oils, you get:
      • Excellent protection from deposits at all operating temperatures
      • Excellent anti-wear properties, anti-foam, anti-rust and corrosion protection
      • Excellent cold cranking capabilities
      • Extended protection against accelerated oil consumption

    • Available in 5w40
    • Contact your RelaDyne Representative for more information.

Synthetic Blend
ALLFLEET Synthetic Blend Products

Synthetic Blend

High Performance Engine Oils for All Seasons

    ALLFLEET Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oils are premium quality, heavy duty, multi-grade oils for all seasons in diesel-powered or a mix of gasoline and diesel-powered equipment.

    • With ALLFLEET Synthetic Blend oils, you can:
      • Protect against excessive wear and corrosion
      • Control soot deposits and oil thickenting
      • Speed cold starts
      • Increase maintenance intervals
      • Preserve power, fuel economy and emission control

    • Available in 15w40 and 10w30
    • Contact your RelaDyne Representative for more information.

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